Photographic services provided

- Event reportage

- Portrait

- Professional craftsmanship / designs

- Architecture (indoor / outdoor)

- Macro photos

- Music photos (concerts, studios, visual identity)

- Culinary photos

- Studio or ambiance packshots

All the photos are delivered retouched, in 2 formats (HD and Low resolution), and in 300 DPI, by Wetransfer or on a USB key.

My story :

The pursuit of happiness has always been my motivation. My most important effort is to capture and share with others the positive elements of life. To observe, to be patient, to keep an open mind, to grasp all that is beautiful and the best that people has to offer, will always be my goal.

3 specialties:

- Priority to the positive aspects.
- Great attention to harmony of colors
- Very graphic macro detail photos.

Operation :

I use the techniques of studio lights in reportage, that is to say that I mix a visual testimony and an aesthetic enhancement. Depending on the situation, I will use the natural light, or add studio flash lights, to create the most appropriate result. My aim is to represent the authenticity of your work or location, to keep it genuine, and to bring out its best qualities.

Availability :

Answers to emails and requests for quotations are made as quickly as possible, usually by the same day or in less than 48h. We can schedule a pre-production meeting, on location, before the shooting, if necessary.

My assets :

My attention to detail while being aware of the essentials, my empathy and my great patience, my involvement in your project, humanly and artistically, my determination to seek a wide variety of angles, perspectives, my search for beauty in everything.

Post-production :

All the photos are retouched in high and low resolution. Each image is sublimated, cropped if necessary, refined. I do not apply any transformations that could distort the subject, but each photo is finalized to be very clean. Some are transformed in black and white, some are in panoramic size. This final step is very important because it is like the delicious sauce which comes to sublimate a good dish !

Delivery delay :

If the pictures taken are those of an event, I can deliver a selection of 10 photos retouched, 24h or 48h after. Otherwise, the usual delay is 20 days (it can be modified if depending on my planning). I work alone and it is often tricky to give a fixed time, because I have many requests arriving at the last moment, but I always do the best, communicating with you.

My rates :

By choice, I do not put rates online, the quotations are made according to your needs, and the work that it represents. I work with a package that varies depending on the use that will be made of the images, according to the distance  and according to the time spent taking pictures and touch-ups.