Portrait Gallery


Comprehensive reportage for businesses, craftsmen, shops and restaurants, Museums and places of culture, etc. For all those who need to communicate effectively on their activity, craftsmanship, products or advice.


All that concerns the vineyard and which highlights the qualities of the Wines. Terroir, culture, unique characteristics, life of the vine, structures of work and reception, teams, trades related to winegrowers, bottles in atmosphere or in packshot studio.


Reportage to illustrate your event, public or private, companies or individuals. A qualitative panel of broad views, portraits and photos of details to tell all that you implement. Excellent support to keep track, communicate immediately and thank your guests.


Exterior and interior views of architectural projects (construction site monitoring or finished works). Respected perspectives, buildings in their environment, interaction with the public or empty places. Possibility of focus on details of materials, aesthetic or functional elements.


Pictures that highlight you, while respecting your personality and your authenticity. A light that privileges your assets and a simple decor in suggestion. For your professional needs as well as for your family or friends. Patience, gentleness, calm and empathy are my key words to put you at ease. Absolutely every human being is photogenic, I assure you !


In-studio reports, concert photos, instrument photos and in-depth portraits. For the latter, I propose a tailored creation, in several stages, that we develop together, with a research on your visual identity. Unique photos, completely adapted to your musical project and your artistic personality.


Reportage with several formulas for flexibility of choice. Possibility of making a full day of the first preparations for the last dances. I propose an ultra-discrete presence, a Zen attitude and firmness when necessary, while capturing the small moments of magic.The fact that I am a woman brings a specific sensitivity that I use to be very caring about many details.


Reportage in situation or culinary photos in ambience, in natural light or with flashes of studios. High-quality products thanks to macro photos. The precise gestures of the pros, captured on the fly to portray their talent.


Landscapes, fauna and flora in its most natural form, testifying to the Beauty that surrounds us. Diversity of points of view, sublime lights, harmony of colors. From authenticity to the pure state, and a touch of visual poetry.


Personal work on double-exposure, directly orchestrated from the camera, thanks to a game of choice and placement at the time of shooting. The idea is to create a graphic and dreamlike universe.